Getting started

Make sure you have already followed the instructions in First setup of the Mathboard.

Accessing the Mathboard symbols

The Mathboard manages to pack a lot of symbols onto a small keyboard by placing more than one symbol on each key. When you click a key, it will output one of its six symbols depending on the state of the modifier keys.

There are three modifier keys: Blue, Green and Purple. The Blue modifier key accesses the symbols on the right side. The Green modifier key accesses the bottom symbols on the front face, and the Purple modifier key accesses the top symbols. You can combine the Blue and Green/Purple modifier keys to access any symbol.

When no modifier keys are pressed, clicking a key outputs the lower left symbol on the top face. This means that if you simply click the top left key, you will get the symbol α (lowercase Alpha).

Multitap symbols

Certain symbols are marked by a small orange dot. Double-tapping such a symbol will output a different, but related, symbol than what’s printed on the keycap. For example, double tapping λ produces Λ. Double tapping ω produces Ω.

Certain symbols can be tapped more than twice. For example, double- and triple-tapping √ gives you ∛ and ∜.

Switching between modes

The Mathboard can switch between three modes: Unicode, LaTeX, and Microsoft Office Equations Editor. The current mode is indicated by the LED with the following color codes:

  • Blue: Unicode

  • Yellow: LaTeX

  • Purple: Microsoft Office Equations Editor

Many symbols will be output differently depending on which mode is selected.